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Everything You Love On eBay. Check Out Great Products On eBay. Check Out Sherlock Series On eBay. Find It On eBay Tickets Heute Reduziert, Sichern Sie Ihre Sitzplätze, Deutschland Tickets 202 Kategorie: Fanfiction / Serien & Podcasts / Sherlock BBC (SHBBC) Inhalt ist versteckt. Anzeigen Neue Geschichte veröffentlichen Kategorie durchsuchen Sortieren nach letztem Update nach Autor nach Kapitelanzahl nach Erstellungsdatum nach Titel. Seite: 1 - 2 - 3 215. Geschichten 1 bis 20 (von 4297 insgesamt): Little Secrets. von qhanqibe2. Geschichte Drama, Liebesgeschichte / P16. Die jüngere Schwester von Sherlock und Mycroft Holmes versteckt sich nach wie vor in London und löst verzwickte Fälle, doch beschließt Mycroft dem ein Ende zu machen und Enola einer rolle zuzuteilen die sie selbst nicht will. Dieses mal ist der große Detektiv vor eine schwierige Aufgabe gestellt und das ausgerechnet im Bereich Familie

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39 Sherlock fanfiction tales. Last Updated: 2021-02-21. Popular: 'Airplane to Death', 'Clash of Classes', 'The Bravery of the Soldier Brilliant {A BBC Sherlock Fanfic} by K. Millard 2.6M 79.5K 52 Amelia Watson is a thunderstorm, and her temper a wildfire. Sherlock Holmes is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, his mind a place very few people can understand Fanfiction; Sherlock Holmes on a Case; Case Fic; Untold Cases of Sherlock Holmes; 221B Baker Street; Domestic Life at 221B Baker Street; Christmas at 221B Baker Street; Baker Street; Criminal Masterminds; Action/Adventure; Summary. Sherlock and John are trying to rent out 221 C... getting nowhere. An Italian exchange student is looking for a place to stay: she has nothing left but a new life. This is one of the first Sherlock fanfictions in the Sherlolly sub-genre focused on romance between Sherlock and Molly Hooper. When John's marriage makes Molly crave a family of her own, she opts to have a baby through IVF. Sherlock throws a spanner into the works by volunteering as the donor. Things get nuttier from there Sherlock Holmes does not do anything by half, not even a migraine. Eventual J/S' Oh my god. I just laid back and cried. The writing is some of the best I've seen and the plot and everything is just ehnnnnng. I'm making a cover and a longer review later on but honestly give this one a read. 18 Aug 2012; 12; Out of my Head a Sherlock Fanfiction. Cover by me. 14 Aug 2012; 9; Other version.

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Check out our sortable master rec list for Sherlock BBC Fanfiction - Johnlocks, John/Lestrade, John/Moran, Lestrade/Sherlock, Molly/Sherlock, and Mycroft/Lestrade. We strive to make fanfiction accessible to everyone through beautiful design and lots of curation - check out our cover art, memes investigation & mor About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

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  1. Mycroft Holmes ist eine Figur der BBC-Serie Sherlock und basiert auf der Kanon-Figur gleichen Namens. 1 Leben 1.1 Vor der Serie 1.2 Staffel 1 1.3 Staffel 2 1.4 Staffel 3 1.5 Staffel 4 2 Anmerkungen Mycroft wird vermutlich 1973 geboren. Sieben Jahre später wird sein Bruder Sherlock geboren. Ein Jahr darauf seine Schwester Eurus. Eurus war von Anfang an seltsam und außergewöhnlich intellegent.
  2. Sherlock (BBC) Fanfiction? Hallo, kennt ihr eine gute Sherlock-Fanfiction, die sich mit Sherlocks und Mycrofts Kindheit beschäftigt auf Deutsch? Bitte keine Seiten wie Fanfiction.de im Allgemeinen nennen, ich suche wirklich spezifische Fanfictions. :D...komplette Frage anzeigen . 3 Antworten Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet Bonny99 14.03.2013, 18:00. Okay, ich hab nochmal gesucht.
  3. **Sherlock Fanfiction** is primarily for fan-written stories set in the universe of the BBC show *Sherlock*, but other incarnations of Sherlock Holmes are welcome, as well! Link any stories (including your own!) you would like to recommend! PLEASE ALSO SEE GUIDELINES. 3.3k. Members. 2. Online. Created Oct 31, 2012. Filter by flair [REQUEST] DRAMA; Moderators. Message the mods. u/MacOfTheLord.
  4. Diese Art von Fanfiction beschreibt zum Beispiel die endlosen Fortsetzungen des Mythos von Artus. Fan-Fiction ist ein Produkt der Fankultur, die entweder in den 1920er Jahren mit Büchern von Jane Austen bzw. Geschichten über Sherlock Holmes oder in den 1960er Jahren mit der Star-Trek-Fan-Gemeinde entstand
  5. Sherlock Fanfiction Help? I know that there is lots and lots of kid!lock, but I was wondering if there was any teen!lock fanfiction. Iʻm looking for a very specific type of fanfiction, so please donʻt just direct me to the ff website (one of my last questions had someone do that)

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Fanfiction Romance Bbc Odds Oc Sherlock Holmes Introducing Rosanne Jones- the new lab assistant at Bart's and new resident at 221 Baker Street. At their first meeting, Sherlock declares her boring and orders her out, to John's chagrin and Rose's anger This is one of the major Sherlock fanfiction tropes: Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are constantly squabbling about milk. It was sparked by a few lines of dialogue from the show, grew into a firestorm of milk-based memes, and was then featured on BBC's Sherlock website, thescienceofdeduction.co.uk Action Adventure Fanfiction Bbc Sherlock Sherlock Holmes Mystery Sherlock Holmes has no feelings. He's a sociopath. Only a few people in life have won his compassion. When Sherlock visits an orphanage to solve a case, he meets twelve year old Victoria Wells. The two take an instant liking to each other. When Victoria's life is in danger, will Sherlock be Add to library 504 Discussion.

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Sherlock Holmes Fanfiction Fanfiction. In dieser Geschichte geht es um Sherlock und um eine Frau in die er sich unsterblich verliebt ohne es zu wollen oder es zu wissen !!!Allle Figuren gehören Sir Arthur Conan Doyle und/oder BBC bis auf die von mir erfundenen Charaktäre!!! #fanfic #lovestory #sherlock #sherlockholmes. Gebrochene Seelen 838 37 3. von hannah09092001. von hannah09092001 Folgen. **Sherlock Fanfiction** is primarily for fan-written stories set in the universe of the BBC show *Sherlock*, but other incarnations of Sherlock Holmes are welcome, as well! Link any stories (including your own!) you would like to recommend! PLEASE ALSO SEE GUIDELINES. 3.3k. Members. 2. Online. Created Oct 31, 2012. Filter by flair [REQUEST] DRAMA; Moderators. Message the mods. u/MacOfTheLord. BBC Sherlock Fanfiction. A Cure For Boredom Rated: E They'd never talked about sex in the year they'd known each other. Well, that wasn't quite correct: Sherlock had never said a word about sex; John had bemoaned his personal dearth of it on many occasions

Fanfiction Mystery Romance Johnlock Sherlock Bbc John Watson John needs Sherlock. Now that he has him back, how will he keep him. There is angst, fluff, sad feels, happy feels. Lets call it an emotional roller coaster. I'm aware bbc Sherlock isn't as popular anymore but I hope someone like me is still out there wanting it read about it. :) The charac... Add to library 178 Discussion 397. Bejegyezte: Lianne H. dátum: csütörtök, május 09, 2013 Címkék: bbc, fanfiction, john watson, johnlock, sherlock, sherlock holmes, slash 7 megjegyzés Azok után, hogy Sherlock részéről mintha egész nap feledésbe merültek volna az elmúlt éjszaka történései, este John újra kapott tőle bőven a szexuális ingerekből sherlock-tomoeOha,ich will nicht bis 2014 warten!!!!! Sooo lange noch..... Und trailer genügt jetzt auch nicht mehr,da es Immer ur kurz sind. ausserem läuft das auch in china!(oh mein godness,wie ich erschrecke...) Und jetzt muss ich ewig auf sherlock 3 warten... LG S-Tä In China auch?! Japan wusst ich ja aber China?.. FanFiktion.de - Forum / Bücher - Sherlock Holmes / Sherlock 3 Seite: 1 5 - 6 - 7 Autor. Beitrag. Chesire. Beiträge: 800. Rang: Zeitungskorrespondent. Beitrag #151, verfasst am 05.04.2014 | 19:53 Uhr. Ich fand die dritte Staffel nicht mehr so toll wie die ersten beiden. Prinzipiell habe ich ja nichts dagegen, dass sie sich Zeit für die Charaktere nehmen, aber in den ersten beiden Folgen. The Third Holmes - A Sherlock Fanfic Fanfiction [Contains JohnLock] Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes. The two brilliant, emotionless, sociopathic brothers. But there's another Holmes. A female Holmes. Enter Avery Holmes - the brilliant, crazy sister - the Third Holmes. #bbc #holmes #john #johnlock #moriarty #mycroft #sherlock #watso

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Jun 2, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by FanfictionRecommendations.com . Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Sherlock and Toxic Queerbaiting: Why Fanfic Isn't Enough Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on tumblr By Nicole Alexander. 31 Mar, 2019 | Feminism > LGBTQIA. Queerbaiting on BBC's Sherlock was all about the hypocrisy and the tease, but passing queerbaiting off as audience fantasies will never be okay. Queerbaiting is when writers and producers of media (usually film and TV) hint at a. Bei Fanfiktion.de, dem größten deutschsprachigen Forum für Fanfiction und Slash-Fiction, wurden nach eigenen Angaben etwa 100.000 Slash-Texte, etwa 59.000 mit expliziten Sexbeschreibungen.

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If Sherlock gets the milk, he's DTF. Or apologizing, and then offering his body as an extra form of apologetic-ness. things people do in fanfic no one does in real life smirk every frickin five seconds gulp stutter to be cute be like yeah ok when asked to call someone daddy chuckle gently chuckle in general make simple misunderstandings into the biggest bitch fest you will ever. Sherlock war aber nicht interessiert und so kam Mycrofts Störung genau im richtigen Moment. Wenn Sherlock berücksichtigte, dass Irenes Wahl des Passwortes nicht von der Logik, sondern von Emotionen geleitet worden war, dann wurde auf einmal die Liste der möglichen Kombinationen winzigklein. Er musste nur die wahrscheinlichste herausfinden Tatsächlich ist Fanfiction eine juristische Grauzone, und in wieweit solche Disclaimer vor Unterlassungsaufforderungen schützen, ist ungeklärt. Zur Beruhigung: In der Regel wird Fanfiction von den Urhebern des Originals toleriert. Neugierde wecken! Die Überschrift eurer Story sollte kreativ sein und neugierig machen. Katniss geht mit Gale.

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In den originalen Geschichten von Sir Doyle war Sherlock dem weiblichen Geschlecht gänzlich abgeneigt. Überträgt man diesen Sachverhalt auf die Serie, kann man demnach jede Fra Sherlock in Moriarty the Patriot Vol. 2, cover art from Viz Media. But the most subversive - and funny - twist the series brings is to make Moriarty and his merry band a bunch of bishonen.

Sherlock ist eine britische Fernsehserie der BBC, produziert von Steven Moffat und Mark Gatiss (Doctor Who, Jekyll), die seit 2010 läuft. Ähnlich wie bei Jekyll, dessen literarisches Geschehen in der Gegenwart spielt, ermitteln Sherlock Holmes und Dr. Watson im gegenwärtigen London. In Deutschland läuft die Serie seit 2011 in der ARD. In den USA lief die Serie als Bestandteil der Reihe. Posts about bbc sherlock fanfic written by Carlossa. Cím: Kirakós-darabok Szerző: Carlos Fandom: BBC's Sherlock Párosítás: MorMor Korhatár: PG-13 Kelt: 2012/07/15-29 Megjegyzés#1: 10 szavas kihívásra, Reisutótól, az övé jobb lett Megjegyzés#2: a tíz szavam: rakpart, számszeríj, karamella, ölyv, altatópirula, szépia, délibáb, álombakó, akasztófahurok, zivata Fandom: Sherlock BBC Anmerkungen: Geschrieben für dunderklumpen. Frohe Weihnachten <3! ( Collapse ) Tags autor: callisto24 1-100, fandom: sherlock holmes 1-100, fanfic; Leave a comment; Share; Flag; callisto24; December 26th, 2016, 03:09 pm; Wichtelgeschenk für Rei - Captain Cold. Titel: Captain Cold Fandoms: The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow Rating: PG Anmerkungen: Geschrieben für rei17 im.

Because Sherlock Holmes fandom is so much older than most other fandoms, it's tough to find the line between amateur fanfic and professional pastiches. Sherrinford Holmes, the Eldest Holmes Brothe 06.03.2015 - Cheaquetta Johnson hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest 15.06.2020 - Jhon x Sherlock #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpa Sherlock will um jeden Preis herausfinden, was es mit seiner Schwester auf sich hat, die seit seiner Kindheit totgeschwiegen wird. Zusammen mit Watson stellt er seinem Bruder Mycroft eine Falle. Bilder zu Sherlock. ^^ Schaut sie euch hier an! testedich.de ×. Einloggen; Registrieren; Quiz/Fanfiktion/RPG erstelle

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  1. Fanfictions Fernsehserien Sherlock Von AnniKarefyehcs. 81. 7 4 2,5 1 16. So viel mehr - #Johnlock. Fanfictions Fernsehserien Sherlock Von AnniKarefyehcs. 54. 6 2 6. Die Geschichte des gelben Smileys - #Johnlock. Fanfictions Fernsehserien Sherlock Von AnniKarefyehcs. 60. 1 3 6. Vögel auf den Dächern. Fanfictions Fernsehserien Sherlock Von fortassis. 36. 3 12. When we meet again (Sherlock One.
  2. Since not all of us have watched Sherlock (glaring at you, Prophet) The question for the section will be changed into reasons for Prophet to watch Sherlock. Yay! Prophet Note: I will watch it! Eventually... Princess: You watched Supernatural didn't you! (Mostly at my insistence but still). It's the next point in the Bermuda Triangle of the fandoms, all that's left is Doctor Who (which we are.
  3. Sherlock Fic - • Sherlock/John. acefanfictionrec. Ace Fanfiction Recs. Home || Ask || Submit A blog dedicated to Ace Fanfic! If you have one you'd like to see here, then please send in a Submit! Sex || No Sex. Supernatural Teen Wolf Sherlock. Sherlock Fic. Sherlock/John — // — 0 notes.
  4. Sherlock FanFic: The Private Blog of Mary Morstan . Summary: Mary's perspective on events - in a form of her very own private blog posts. [Spoilers for Sherlock Season 3] Rated: Fiction Sherlock Fanfic: Reunion InTENsity. John's reunion with Sherlock told from One to Ten. Numbers used either carry literal or figurative significance. [Spoilers for 3x1] Rated... Blog archive 2016 (1) May.
  5. g home after military service. the title was something along the lines of 'homeco

Die Figur Sherlock Holmes ist seit über 100 Jahren der Inbegriff für alle Detektivgeschichten. Sein Mythos ist seit Jahrzehnten ungebrochen und definiert sich in der Film- und Literaturwelt immer wieder neu. Er steht für Intelligenz, Spannung, Abenteuer, trockenen Humor und analytisches Denken. Aktueller denn je symbolisiert er den Aufbruch in eine neue Zeit. Was damals das Industrie. My fanfiction about the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freema Sherlock Holmes returns after two years bringing down Moriarty's empire to discover that John has not only got on with his life but has got out of London.Stubborn, angry and hurt it seems they are likely to remain apart forever until a boy and a teacher go missing at a private school and Sherlock is called in to investigate Erika and Fenwick consult Sherlock Holmes! 11/30/03: More fanfic update! Don't forget that you can see all the stories available on this site on either the finished fanfic page (also including links to SH22 stories not on this site), or the new and unfinished fanfic page. You asked to get on the front page, and you got it! First time writer Mike C. posted part 1 of his serial, The Werewolf. Ok yes; Sherlock pissed to Rihanna. It is fanfiction. In fact I think I might have WRITTEN this fanfiction. / Via Scriblit @Scriblit. I think it's really kind of the BBC to basically film.

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Fanfiction is literature written by fans of a particular work, often a television series, book or movie, featuring the canonical characters and settings of the work in a new context. Though fanfiction is not a product of the Internet, the web has proliferated this literature to proportions greater than those it could have achieved in print Sep 26, 2018 - Ever wonder what happens when you force an avid, artistic, and active Fandom to sit for years without new content? Madness and memes. So. Many. Memes. Sherlock's rabid fans had to wait years between seasons. The result? BBC's Sherlock made history with its memes. One got big enough to be mentioned in BBC Sherlock's ca Here are some of my favourite Sherlock Holmes stories. Stories are mainly from the BBC series Sherlock, but some may be from the original novels. I did not like the Downey movies so don't read many stories in that universe but some may find their way here. Click on the author's name for the link to where the stories can be found on the net. Warning: Description of the stories may contain. #Sherlock #Sherlock Holmes #John Watson #Moriarty #angst #gen #The Pool #fusion:Lovecraft #Author:Shiny_n_new 8 years ago on November 18, 2012. The Power Method. Summary: If you'll believe it, there is a method to my madness. By my madness what I'm actually referring to is Sherlock's madness, only he won't admit to it, so I'll take credit. It's going to seem like I'm.

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sherlock fanfic; animals; fashion; meme; landscape; funny; cat; love; gif; quotes; top tumblr posts latest articles. top tumblr posts; latest articles; Tatspiration; about; contact us; Trending; Latest; Best match; GUYS STOP THIS IS IMPORTANT. So they're trying to pass a thing that makes fanfictions, fanart, fanpages, covers of songs, etc, etc ILLEGAL!!! I figure tumblr is the best place to. Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch and fanfic: don't mess with these women (and men) Fan fiction is one of the oldest traditions of the internet. Dr Brooke Magnanti explains why so many women love it. Rather than let Sherlock be taken to a laboratory, John volunteers to look after him. After all, he's had to look after a man-child, how hard can a child-child be? Poor John. He has no idea. [Features paternal!Lestrade in small doses and eventual Johnlock after Sherlock grows up again] A Finger Slip, Rated T, Sherlock/John, Words: 45,000. Sherlock Season 4 is a Sherlock fanfic by ballistic dolphin, which begins with Sherlock and Watson learning of Moriarty's return, and shows them solving several crimes along the way.The story gets more insane over time as the two of them (along with David Camaroon) eventually battle the Joker over control of Bigben's clock, which contains an atom bomb that Britain used on the Nazis. Basically a Sherlock fanfiction bookmark archive. Greying by Gabrielle Wee. Powered by Tumblr.Tumblr

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Sherlock Isn't the Fan-Friendly Show You Think It Is. Regardless of how much influence fans may seem to wield or how close the fans and creators may seem in a today's era of meet-and-greets and. Title: through the ages Fandom: mythology Disclaimer: not my characters Warnings: none Rating: PG Wordcount: 310 Point of view: third Prompt: Any, any/any, time in a bottl Fanfic list (Sherlock) Basically a list of various Sherlock fanfics I've read. Organised in no particular order apart from what the contents are. In no way complete. (note: if I have one of your works..

Sep 24, 2018 - Buy Poster of Jeremy Brett. Size: from 4x6 to 23x33 inch; Media: Canvas, Glossy, Semiglossy, Matte, Laminated; Price from $1.45; ID:2101686 Sep 5, 2018 - Ever wonder what happens when you force an avid, artistic, and active Fandom to sit for years without new content? Madness and memes. So. Many. Memes. Sherlock's rabid fans had to wait years between seasons. The result? BBC's Sherlock made history with its memes. One got big enough to be mentioned in BBC Sherlock's ca Dec 09, 2020 · Inspired by Fanfiction Lestrade has to conduct a thorough background check on Dr. John Watson before he can allow him to help Sherlock solve crimes for New Scotland Yard. In the process, he has a discussion with one of John's ex-army friends, and what he learns about the retired army doctor's history is most enlightening Ficwriter Jet's FanFiction Disclaimer: I don't own any of the tv shows or movies that I write about, and I don't make any money from fanfiction. These stories are for people 18 years of age and older. If you're under 18 it's time to hit the back button. Warnings: All of my stories contain some form of SPANKING. I do NOT advocate spanking in real life unless it is between CONSENTING ADULTS. Sherlock Fanfic. I've been reading this awesome Johnlock fanfic. It's called Sherlock: colors. It starts out with Sherlock: Red on White. It is dark Sherlock, but after a few installments it lightens up. I am in love with the story. There is even a Mystraut story that bridges off from it that I haven't read yet. I'm trying to go slow so it will last longer. The biggest part for me is.

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I wrote BBC Sherlock fanfic for a while you can find links on the blog or go to ao3 under jonnyluvssherlock. *I used to post NSFW so beware looking at old post in pulic.* Home. About Me/This Blog. My Fanfic. Dark Fanfic. Common Asked Things. Answered Ask. Professor Sherlock and Student John. Archive . Subscribe (RSS) Random post. Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor . Dark Fanfic. All. Der britische Schauspieler Benedict Cumberbatch ist der Titelheld der erfolgreichen Serie Sherlock. Daneben ist er in Der Hobbit und Star Trek Into Darkness mit von der Partie Sherlock Holmes remains more popular than ever some 130 years after the detective first appeared in print. These days, the iconic character's staying power is due in large part to the success of the recent BBC series Sherlock, which brings the famous sleuth into the twenty-first century. One of the most-watched television series in BBC history, Sherlock is set in contemporary London, where.

Eine Parodie ist eine Fanfiktion, in der die ursprüngliche Geschichte, ihre Charaktere und stattfindende Ereignisse veralbert werden. Als Pastiches von Sherlock Holmes gelten etwa Figuren wie Detective Conan, Monk, Dr. House oder Basil, der große Mäusedetektiv - alles Meisterhirne von großem Können, aber auch von großer Arroganz oder nicht unbedingt salonfähigen Manieren. Nicht zu. Das Fanfiction Paradies ist ein Archiv fuer deutschsprachige Fanfiction. Es sind alle Fandoms willkommen. Autoren gesucht. der deutsche Fanfiction-Award . Weitere Fandoms mit eigener Seite: Harry Potter, Herr der Ringe, Hornblower, Karl May, Sherlock Holmes, M*A*S*H, Sentinel, Pretender, Quantum Leap, Glorreiche 7,.

love all time low alex pee whut what the fuck did i justMy Friend Wears Diapers - DiaperDude1533 - Wattpad11 Hilarious Harry Potter Fanfiction Memes Only a True FanStiles Stilinski x Reader - LanaTedesco - WattpadMiss me?//Jim Moriarty X Reader - How is he back? - WattpadVarious X Reader - Benny Weir x Reader

David Grann's The Devil and Sherlock Holmes Anne Jamison's Fic: Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World Russell Miller's The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyl Sherlock Fanfic Dating Mycroft, Rencontres 3 Type, Würde Dich Gerne Näher Kennenlernen Englisch, Single Wien Forum. Feste Beziehung Frau Zum Heiraten Asiatische Frauen Afrikanerin Sucht Mann Single Single Sucht Single. P. Wunsch nach Partnerschaft. PLZ oder Ort. 09.08.2019 »Mehr erfahren. 06.08.2019 . no picture. D-67655 Kaiserslautern - Fischerrück. 37327 Leinefelde-Worbis. Gestern, 19:36. FILMSTARTS.de : Mit Dracula wird die Legende um den transsylvanischen Langzahn von den Sherlock-Schöpfern mit verstörenden Bildern neu in Szene gesetzt. Die dreiteilige Serie ist ab. Sherlock Holmes in New York: Ganze Folgen kostenlos online sehen, Sendetermine, Bilder und Infos zur Krimiserie mit Jonny Lee Miller und Lucy Liu Directed by John Stevenson. With Johnny Depp, James McAvoy, Emily Blunt, Kelly Asbury. Garden gnomes, Gnomeo (James McAvoy) and Juliet (Emily Blunt), recruit renowned detective Sherlock Gnomes (Johnny Depp) to investigate the mysterious disappearance of other garden ornaments In der BBC-Krimiserie Sherlock werden die Abenteuer von Sherlock Holmes behandelt. Weitere Infos zu den Staffeln und Episodenguides findet ihr nachfolgend

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